About the Academy

Air Mauritius Institute (AMI) is a subsidiary of Air Mauritius Ltd. , established in 2018.

Air Mauritius Institute Flying Academy is a branch of Air Mauritius Institute(AMI), dedicated to the training of Technical and Cabin personnel among others.

AMI FLYING ACADEMY has the mission of providing the highest quality of training , and the sharing of Knowledge and experience , for the advancement of International Civil Aviation.

It is paving its way to be the Internationally recognised training arm of Air Mauritius Ltd. Its purpose is to offer a comprehensive breadth of training in various aviation disciplines using avenues of cooperation with other internationally recognised aviation organisations.

Its proposed programmes are being developed in line with the Standards and Recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO SARPS) to assist airlines and states in meeting ICAO’S targets in terms of Safety and Compliance.

AMI FLYING ACADEMY will also play a pivotal role in the global discussion of pertinent aviation -related topical issues by organising international conferences and hosting meetings.